I Need A Laugh


People like to laugh.  Laughter is good for us. In living life on planet Earth, we need stuff to laugh about now and then.

While searching burlesque comedy the other day, the word “double-entendre” caught my eye. According to my dictionary, double entendre is a figure of speech for sayings or jokes that have two different meanings, usually one of the meanings is sexual, but not always, as is the case in the story written by Damon Knight titled “To Serve Man”.  This title had two distinctly different meanings.  There was even a Twilight Zone episode with the same name, I won’t tell the plot even though everyone of any age must have seen this episode, but maybe not, suffice it to say, I loved the ending.

Courtesy Google Advanced Search (free to share)
Courtesy Google Advanced Search (free to share)

In Burlesque, most of the jokes told by comedians like my father, Eddie Green, were double entendre jokes in which one of the meanings was of a sexual nature.  I haven’t found any of Eddie’s jokes, yet, but I did find this one that was told by the Bellamy Brothers, “If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?”   Then there is this one-liner from (my favorite lady) Mae West, “I feel like a million tonight, but only one at a time!”  Raunchy jokes seem to get a lot of laughs.

Todays jokes have gotten so bold, I had trouble finding one I could post without seeming indecent.  But, hey we are all adults here and reality is what it is. Question:  What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking?  Answer:  Slow down, and possibly use a lubricant.

felix laughing

Me being me, one thing I noticed about the jokes or one-liners, is that they all have one theme in common, they tend to have the focus of a sexual nature, it is just that one era was subtle and one era is in your face. They are just wrapped and presented in different ways.  Like free speech ideas.  Seems to me sometimes free speech ideas are wrapped in different ways depending on the circumstances.  Like, I believe you have the right to say whatever you want, but that person over there said something that they ought to be banned for saying!

Maybe you have guessed why I am on a search for a good laugh.  I am one who really just likes the simple, silly jokes like, Question: Why did the little boy put his father under the steps? Answer:  So he could have a STEPdad!  Or one-liners like this:  A magician was walking down the street and turned into a grocery store.

Thank you, thank you.  laughing man


4 thoughts on “I Need A Laugh

  1. You’ve heard about the cannibal who passed his brother in the bushes…

    How about the leper gigolo? Business dropped off…

    I know. Sorry ’bout that.

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