My Conundrum

eddie green - amos n andy

Today I found a free photograph of my father, Eddie Green, that I could use without having to pay someone some money.  This is a head-shot of Eddie during the time he played Stonewall, the Crooked Lawyer, in the 1940’s radio program, Amos N Andy.

Before I started this blogging adventure and writing a book about Eddie, I thought a lot about what my focus would be.  Should I focus on Eddie’s accomplishments as a black man in a white oriented society, or should I focus on his achievements, period, simply to show others what can be accomplished in life.  I wanted the publication of my father’s story to provide inspiration, first of all to my grandson, then also to anyone else who needed a bit of motivation.

Today I watched a 1962 movie called “The Intruder”, that blew me away because the subject was racism in a small southern town and the “N-word” was in use by everyone in this movie, even the old proprietor woman.  I was surprised that I could go on the net and view this movie.  I watched it.  There was some underlying drama that showed the star of the movie taking advantage of someone’s teenage daughter, then someone’s wife.  There was almost a lynching.  This was in 1962.  I do not want to write a book about racism.

My father’s entertainment career began in the 1920’s and lasted until 1950.  I cannot begin to imagine what he may have gone through in order to achieve his dreams.  But I am pretty sure it was not easy.  Eddie became a prominent, well-known figure during his life. According to my mom, Eddie formed very close bonds with his fellow show business performers.  Friendships for him were not about race.  Eddie was about being the best he could be and putting in the work to acquire what he wanted,

What I have learned through my research, though, is that Eddie had pride in who he was as a person of color.  In 1938 Eddie wrote a letter to the editor of the California Eagle newspaper giving a critique of a radio program called “The Negro Hour”. One portion of his letter said “The news items were GREAT, but they should be read that way.  They were the record of achievement of the Negro.  They were something to be proud of”.

I want to inspire people to follow their dreams.  I want to provide a story or a thought that might help another person to look at themselves and see their potential and take it out into the world.  My father was a Black man who prospered in this world.  I am writing a book about my father.


3 thoughts on “My Conundrum

  1. If you focus on his achievements, period, you will be telling the story of a man whose talent, ambition and determination allowed to overcame every obsticle to achieve. Tell his story the way you must tell it.

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