And Then There’s Walter

Wolf Martin Garber (May 18, 1922 – October 17, 2019), known professionally as Bill Macy, was an American television, film and stage actor known for his role in the CBS television series Maude (1972–1978).

As I am writing a book on Maude, I’ve been doing research on the cast members. I’ve discovered that in real life Bill Macy was a funny, funny man and, according to his wife, Samantha Harper Macy, had a “generosity of spirit”.

This very short blog is just to touch on Bill’s career, his life and his humor. Bill was performing in the San Francisco company of Oh! Calcutta! when he met his wife, Samantha, also performing in the play. Oh! Calcutta! is an avant-garde theatrical review created by Kenneth Tynan. The show sparked controversy due to its scenes of total nudity – both male and female. About meeting Samantha, in Macy’s words: “We met in the buff, I liked her smile.” Oswego New York Palladium 1976 by Charles Witbeck

Bill would go on to portray Walter, 4th husband to Maude, portrayed by Bea Arthur. “I never worked so hard in
my life as at this. We were in this morning at 8:30 and we won’t get home until 8:30 tonight and we’re still on the
first act! The Troy New York Times Record 1972 He was crazy about Bea Arthur’s work from earlier days: “I remember in 1949
at the Cherry Lane off Broadway watching Bea Arthur the way a virgin looks at a hooker.”

His interviews were pretty racy and so funny. I am writing about them in my Maude book. On this journey, I was very happy to get in touch with Bill’s wife, Samantha Harper Macy. She was too glad to share information about Bill and their life together. She even appeared in a couple of episodes of Maude! As a matter of fact, she has written a book! If you want a treat get her book.

And I love you all for hanging in here with me on my writing journey. My 3rd upcoming book (Right On, Maude) has been a handful-so much interesting stuff to write about pertaining to Bea Arthur, her cast mates, the episodes. It’s going to be a good book.

Thanks so much, for stopping by. 🙂

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