Two Tremendously Inspiring Gentlemen

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Jimmie Fallon

Not since Johnny Carson have I actually thoroughly enjoyed late night television as much as I enjoy Jimmie Fallon on The Tonight Show.  To me, Mr. Fallon is an example of a person doing exactly what they want to do and liking what they do.  He seems to get such a kick out of his life.  He is energetic and fresh.   He looks like he is having fun.  I feel like I am having fun when I watch him on television.   He is putting in the work and it is paying off.  Mr. Fallon is a singer, songwriter, actor and comedian. He puts me in mind of my father.  Tremendously inspiring.

Eddie Green, my father, was a singer, songwriter, actor and comedian.  Eddie found what he liked to do, put in the work and became a prominent entertainer.  Eddie was enamored of the radio world and appeared on a variety of programs which led to his biggest radio role, movie and television work.   Also, tremendously inspiring.

new eddie
new eddie

Today, Mr. Fallon is “trending” on social media.  He’s good.  Back in Eddie’s day, actors got their names in the paper.  Below is an article from the Brooklyn Eagle, 1939, in the Trend! section about Eddie’s radio interests, and, it also mentions Eddie’s own involvement with television.


Most of you know Eddie Green at
least by ear. He’s been around show
business a long time, but for the
last couple of years you’ve been
laughing at his quaintly plaintive
Napoleons, John Alderis and Jonahs
over the airwaves.
got his work, his radio to tinker
with—and he’s the proud possessor
of the first television set in Harlem.

1939 GE

See ya!


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