If You Wanna Change Your Situation…..


The other day a relative of mine posted this statement “If you wanna change your situation, start changing your situation and your situation will change.”  He said that it sounds simple, but is really something to think about.  I found the statement rather profound.  He said he used the statement as a way to motivate himself to take action, in order to make some changes in his life.

One of the reasons I started this blog is to write about how and why people are motivated.  Are we motivated by what we want to get or are we motivated by situations in which we find ourselves?  Or can we motivate ourselves?  Whatever it is, the situation usually calls for some type of action on our part.


Dangling a carrot (so to speak) in front of someone is one way to get that person to take action, if the carrot looks good enough, that person will reach for the carrot.  Poverty can motivate a person to take action, which is what my father did at the age of nine when he left home to make money to feed himself and have a better life.

My relative has used self talk to motivate himself.  Self talk is an action.  For me, at one time in my life, self talk would have been a difficult action for me to take because I suffered from low self-confidence.  For some people, the only thing that could motivate them to take an action would be a pin in the tush.  You’ve seen the cartoon drawing of someone being stuck in the butt with a needle-they jump!

So, I admire my relative for putting his self talk out there, because he has started an action which is going to require him to take more action in order to change his situation.  He is an inspiration and an example to others who may be struggling with the need to change.   It helps to know how others are motivated into action, that way we know we are not alone, and it makes our own efforts easier.  How were you motivated today?  Or what has motivated you in the past?


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