As We Give Thanks

Thanksgiving ingredients Stock Image

In light of recent family tragedies, and also because of the unrest around our world, I have been wondering how some people are able to feel thankful on this Thanksgiving Day. ‘

I believe that most of us look forward to having something positive to say at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Dad says he’s thankful for mom, mom is thankful that her kids are doing well in school, and everybody is thankful for the turkey. In my case, I am thankful today that the many members of my family have come together in spirit this year, more so than any other year that I can remember.

Unfortunately, there are families who, as a direct result of an act of violence, will be missing a family member. So today, as we give thanks, I hope that the love we share can somehow travel through the air and touch those who need support, and that our prayers of thankfulness are instrumental in helping others enjoy life once again.


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