On The Radio


I have been invited to be a guest on a radio program in December.  They say there is a first time for everything, well, this is a first for me.  This was not something I expected, and I am a bit anxious, however, I am Eddie Green’s daughter and Eddie was a star of stage, radio and screen, so why be anxious?  After all, there was also a first time for Eddie.

Eddie was doing a show on Broadway “Hot Chocolates” in 1929, when he was asked to join the cast of a radio program that was being broadcast to Commander Byrd in Little America in the Antarctic.  According to The Brooklyn Eagle,  “The whole town was talking about Eddie Green. . . . ” because evidently Eddie’s skit was side-splitting. He joined the program, which was broadcast to all listeners in the United States as well as on two short-wave channels.

Of course, I am not half as funny as my father, nor am I as well-known, but here I am following in his footsteps, on the radio, an Old Time Radio program, at that.  I am being interviewed in regard to what I am trying to do to preserve the history of my father’s life.  I feel honored to be able to do the interview.   I started this project with a focus on my immediate family, but as I began to uncover the many achievements of my father, who started with nothing, I realized Eddie’s story could serve as inspiration to a wider population of people facing a variety of obstacles, and what could be better than an audience of radio listeners.  I’m in seventh Heaven.



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