Learn to Relax!

The title of this post is basically for me.  I am new to blogging and I am having to read all instructions two and three times to get this right.  I want images, but not too big, I want them here, not there, I should make up my mind because I must get this post out today!  When the reality is, there is nothing I must do at all.  I have no time limit and I actually find blogging and learning new technology enjoyable.  Hence, the picture.

I have been re-reading my posts and I realized that I have been writing the posts as if I was writing a book.  Meaning, that unless a person reads my first blog, they may not understand the most recent blog.  Well, I have to relax about that also.  It’s not as if I have a lot of traffic, yet.

While sitting here, I decided to see if I could locate something to fill the rest of this post and TA DA! I found a copy of a portion of sheet music for the song my father wrote.  I don’t know if this was handwritten by Eddie (I intend to find out) but the good thing about this is his name is on it.  This song was actually copyrighted by my father in 1917 in Chicago.  Quite a lot of artists have performed this song and it is still recognized as being written by Eddie Green.  I knew before I began researching the life of my father, that he had written this song and in the course of this research I discovered 28 more songs, four of which Eddie renewed in 1950, the same year that he died.  The man was sick for at least a year before he died, but he took the time to renew the copyright on his songs.

I hereby give kudos to those folks that preserve and keep track of copyright documents so that people like me can find records that may have otherwise been lost.

Sheet Preview


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