A Positive Vibe

Initially, my decision to write a book about my father was inspired by my grandson, and my mom and I were going to work on this book together.  Unfortunately, it was discovered that mom had breast cancer, so, of course, we put the book aside.  Mom survived the cancer, but along the way other physical issues popped up, and my enthusiasm waned.

After my mom died in 2010, my desire to continue my research came back full-force.  The past four years have been a jaw-dropping experience for me.  I have come to have a deep respect for people who have had to work hard at living a decent life. As a black man born in 1896, my father put in an enormous amount of work, as I have discovered in my research.  In a 2001 interview, Jimmy Dean said, “Poverty was the greatest motivating factor in my life.”  What a powerful statement!  I believe that statement was probably true, also, for my father.

Of course, motivation can come from many sources so, In that vein, I have posted an address (hope it works, this is my first attempt) to a blog I follow because this young man is extremely positive, energetic and helpful.   The blog is titled,  “PointlessBlog”, check it out.


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