For My Mom

3rd set with new pictures 278

Here is a picture of my mother and father, Eddie and Norma Green in 1939 before they were married. They surprised all their friends when they eloped and got married in 1945.  The marriage lasted until Eddie’s death on September 19, 1950.  My mom has been on my mind a lot this week because her birthday was this past Monday, and had she not passed away in 2010 she would have been 91 years old.  Beginning this blog is a way to thank her for supporting me and providing motivation by sharing stories regarding her life with my father.

By 1945, Eddie had gained some prominence as an actor and a comedian, but what I have come to find out, is that my mom was somewhat of a celebrity herself.  She was studying to become an opera singer before she married Eddie, and according to the California Eagle newspaper “she has the kind of voice you hear only in a dream”.

Mom stopped singing after Eddie died, except for the occasional aria around the house, but even though she did not become an opera star, she still remains an inspiration.  So, this blog’s for you, mom, I finally got it off the ground.


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