This One is for Lorenzo


Isn’t he cute? This photo was taken about five months ago. I chose to start this post off with Renzo because looking at him always puts a smile on my face, always. Lorenzo is my brother’s grandson. One of the newcomers to the family during the time I was writing my book, which is at the publisher’s now being prepared for introduction to the world.

Since sending my book off to the publisher, I seem to have become sluggish and sad. The fact that I will be a published author makes me want to jump up and down and laugh hilariously and do my dance. But I am trying to be cool. So I seem to have gone in the opposite direction.

I have a feeling that my father Eddie, in his rise to success in show business, did not spend much of his time being depressed because he propelled himself into being known and loved as a comedian, actor, movie producer, director and writer, owned two successful Harlem restaurants and was a hit with the ladies, according to my mother.

Yesterday, I received a copy of my publisher’s newsletter. In it was this:

We know our list of upcoming titles is amazing . . . every title.
Get a load of these subjects that are coming soon:

Columbo Under Glass (TV series review)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series review)
635 Things I Learned from The Sopranos
When War Returns (Book 3 in Wes Britton’s new sci-fi novel tetrology)
A Throne for an Alien (Book 4 in Wes Britton’s new sci-fi novel tetrology)
Over There (British films)
Seeing Stars Memoirs of a Celebrity Articles Writer
Barbara Nichols That Kind of Woman (biography)
No Strings (Bio and career review of Dick Jones)
Eddie Green (Biography of Eddie the Waiter on Duffy’s Tavern)
As you can see that is my book listed at the bottom. Hallelujah!!

This is great news! And I am now beginning the process of marketing my book, talking it up, emailing people, meeting people. It’s very exciting. Why, I ought to be thanking my lucky stars. Which is where Lorenzo comes in. Today my niece posted his picture and said that he likes cereal snacks. I went online an look what I found!:


Haha! Cereal snacks for Renzo, Lucky Stars for me. I laughed out loud.

Thank you so much, for stopping by and being a part of this book writing adventure. Your participation inspires me.





Totally Inspirational

Me and My Grandson, Edward

A little over a year ago, I posted my first blog with these words:

Dean Koontz once said, “I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life.”

I found this quote while doing research for a book I will eventually complete.  I began my research in about 1998 because my then small grandson’s favorite word seemed to be “I can’t.” Usually in regard to why he did not finish his homework. His homework was always too hard. I came up with the bright idea to enlighten him on what a person can accomplish, by telling him about, and by writing a book for him, about my father, his grandfather, Edward (Eddie) Green, who was a black man born in poverty in 1896 and who rose to prominence despite many obstacles.  


Today, as you can see from the above picture, my grandson is no longer small, and I have completed the book. I have to say that my bright idea has also been good for me, in that I have gained a bigger and better understanding myself, of just how hard Eddie had to work to get where he got. For instance, in the above paragraph I have 1896 as Eddie’s birthdate, well, just last year I discovered that Eddie was really born in 1891 (SS application), so I guess he figured the age thing was a factor in getting ahead. Especially in entertainment, which is where Eddie’s talents took him. We all have this ability in one way or another.

When I began this blog I said I wanted to inspire people. I thought I would post poetry from time to time. Totally got away from that idea, because sharing my father’s ups and downs became paramount. Unfortunately, though I have gotten to the point in my posting that I have to slow down on what I share about Eddie or there will be no point to writing the book.  My posts so far have touched on instances in Eddie’s life up until 1945 and he died in 1950. I will continue posting on Eddie and my book writing adventure, but today I am going to post a poem written by my brother, Brian.

Brian’s many talents include writing poetry. I asked Brian early on to write a poem for me, but he wanted to write on a religious theme. I told him that this was not a religious blog, that it was about inspiring people. Haha, don’t laugh. Anyhow, I have realized during my research that people are inspired in many different ways, through many different pathways. Brian is a  funny guy (we have different fathers, but his father was the “life of the party” kind of comedian), Brian has a passion for writing poetry. Give him a word and you’ve got a poem. He loves to read and will pull out his pocket bible, or his latest historical article, in a minute. Today, before he got interested in the Super Bowl, I asked him to give me a poem over the phone, and I got one. Interesting that today  just happens to be a Sunday.


It’s so good to know that even in the midst of our experience in this mortal life, Thank you Jesus is our reply, cause everything’s going to be alright!

So many things going on in our lives, can’t wait to fret something in a hurry! Remember the Lord said, Calm down, do not worry!

I wrote this to say my message is all about him; all the loving ways he is, we can do nothing without him.

Poem by:  Brian Beasley

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Today, first, I want to wish all those suffering from the devastating earthquakes in Nepal an eventual sense of peace and comfort through those who have been able to help, and I am sad that so many others are using their energy to hurt rather than to help.

Now, on to the purpose of this blog.  Inspiring those who would like to accomplish something specific, but are reluctant to do so, because of seeming obstacles.  My father, Eddie Green, has been a great example to me, of a person who started out with rags (in various senses of the word) and rose to riches.  Eddie’s rise was not rocket-like.  But it was steady and continual.

Eddie was born in 1891, he left home at about age nine, got work where he could performing as a child magician in churches and whatnot until he got work in various theaters, by 1909 he was married for the first time, 1917 he was drafted for WWI and wrote his first song, he spent the 20s on the Vaudevile and Burlesque stage, in the 30s he got married again and started his radio career.  By 1936 Eddie was 45 years old and still climbing.

untitled (5)No, this is not Eddie.

On April 18, 1936 Mr. Joe Bostic of Radiograph wrote an article about Eddie.  He chose Eddie’s performance on the Rudy Valley radio show as the “peak radio performance of the Week.”  It was the second time within a month that Eddie’s performance had been chosen.  He said that “Eddie Green, it seems to be, is more than a new star in the radio firmament, he is a symbol of what race artists might achieve if they have a distinctive and individual entertainment idea to offer.”  He also states “We doff our hat to a sterling performer and a great fellow.”  Hear Eddie Green Thursday night WEAF 8 p.m.

Eddie’s distinctive and individual entertainment idea was to perform skits, with scripts written by John Tucker Battle, of people from certain literature, such as, The Courtship of Miles Standish, which I have just learned, is a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about a love triangle involving pilgrims who may have actually been real people; and Sir Galahad and the Knights of the Round Table, I guess these skits were sort of a “What if the Knights of the Round Table were Black” kind of thing.  The skits were part of a sketch called “Heroes Wuz People”.  Eddie acted out these skits with a Negro’s impression (according to the Daily Herald) and evidently they were so funny he kept getting called back to the show.

On September 3, 1936, The Daily Herald announced:  Rudy Vallee to Present Karloff, Eddie Green – Mr. Karloff was there to do a dramatic sketchkarloff2.

And Eddie was there to perform a humorous sketch titled “Adam and Eve”.  What if Adam and Eve were Black?


This same year, Eddie performed, on the Rudy Vallee radio program, “Jonah and the Whale” –  The general consensus was this was his funniest skit of all.


My very first set of books was bought for me by Eddie.  Moby Dick, The Last of the Mohicans, Sir Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The Count of Monte Cristo.  As a young child these books were a connection to my father, now I see they were a connection to his entertainment career.  The set of books  looked something like this:

my books

Unfortunately, sometime before I turned ten, we needed some cash, so mom sold the books.  I still consider those books a legacy from my father.  Eddie was obviously a reader.  He taught himself.

Those appearances on the Vallee show when Eddie portrayed these classic characters, were added rungs up Eddie’s  ladder to success.

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A Prayer For Christmas

Hi.  I am writing this post on December 22, 2014.  For whatever reason, I am not in the Christmas spirit this year.  At least, I am not in the spirit of buying Christmas presents, nor do I have the money.  I like listening to “Silent Night” by the Temps and “The Little Drummer Boy”, but I have not done so this season.  Maybe I am not looking at my life properly.

Today I read an article about a woman whose daughter was lost in the Tsunami 10 years ago.  At least, the daughter was assumed lost.  This lady has just found out that her daughter’s body was actually found and buried in a grave marked with a stone.  Somehow, someone found this lady and gave her the news about her daughter.  The article said that the mother is sad, but happy that someone took care of her daughter for her.  This mother is unable to travel to give her daughter a final goodbye as she doesn’t have enough money. She taps rubber trees for a living, which starts the process of making latex, and it probably does not pay very well.   She taps rubber trees for a living and, oh poor me, I can barely get out of bed and get to my computer or the TV.

I need to start looking at the fact that I can get up when I feel like getting up, I have a computer I can turn on and listen to all types of music from anywhere and I have a TV, AND my life is pretty calm right now.

For Christmas this year I will say a prayer for those whose children may not be with them, that they may find solace in the reason for the season.


remote village in Myanmar’s southern Karen state, where she taps rubber trees for a living.

May’s mother is too poor to travel to Thailand to retrieve her daughter’s body, or to pay to have it brought home. She hopes the body can be cremated in line with Buddhist customs.