This One is for Lorenzo


Isn’t he cute? This photo was taken about five months ago. I chose to start this post off with Renzo because looking at him always puts a smile on my face, always. Lorenzo is my brother’s grandson. One of the newcomers to the family during the time I was writing my book, which is at the publisher’s now being prepared for introduction to the world.

Since sending my book off to the publisher, I seem to have become sluggish and sad. The fact that I will be a published author makes me want to jump up and down and laugh hilariously and do my dance. But I am trying to be cool. So I seem to have gone in the opposite direction.

I have a feeling that my father Eddie, in his rise to success in show business, did not spend much of his time being depressed because he propelled himself into being known and loved as a comedian, actor, movie producer, director and writer, owned two successful Harlem restaurants and was a hit with the ladies, according to my mother.

Yesterday, I received a copy of my publisher’s newsletter. In it was this:

We know our list of upcoming titles is amazing . . . every title.
Get a load of these subjects that are coming soon:

Columbo Under Glass (TV series review)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series review)
635 Things I Learned from The Sopranos
When War Returns (Book 3 in Wes Britton’s new sci-fi novel tetrology)
A Throne for an Alien (Book 4 in Wes Britton’s new sci-fi novel tetrology)
Over There (British films)
Seeing Stars Memoirs of a Celebrity Articles Writer
Barbara Nichols That Kind of Woman (biography)
No Strings (Bio and career review of Dick Jones)
Eddie Green (Biography of Eddie the Waiter on Duffy’s Tavern)
As you can see that is my book listed at the bottom. Hallelujah!!

This is great news! And I am now beginning the process of marketing my book, talking it up, emailing people, meeting people. It’s very exciting. Why, I ought to be thanking my lucky stars. Which is where Lorenzo comes in. Today my niece posted his picture and said that he likes cereal snacks. I went online an look what I found!:


Haha! Cereal snacks for Renzo, Lucky Stars for me. I laughed out loud.

Thank you so much, for stopping by and being a part of this book writing adventure. Your participation inspires me.





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