my brother

my brother

Here is a picture of my Brudder Brian (I love my brother.)  He is very happy for me.  Well, he would be if he knew what I am going to post about.  Since Sibling Day has just passed I will use his picture anyway, cause I know he will be happy for me when he learns about my latest find.

Research is a never-ending tool of non-fiction writing, I am finding.  And I am absolutely suited to spending hours pouring over maps and newspapers and searching websites.  I have had help, also.  From the folks who read my posts.  From people I have found on-line, and from one person who heard me on the radio.  I have received cd’s, an original portrait, lyrics to my father’s (Eddie Green) songs.

There is a gentleman who told me about a library in Beverly Hills, where I have found scripts for a couple of Eddie’s movies and even a contract Eddie had with Paramount Motion Pictures.  I found a letter  that was written by a censor about one of Eddie’s racier movies (he made five movies).  I even received a Press Sheet in regard to this comedy of Eddie’s from 1940:

EG in "One Round Jones"
EG in “One Round Jones”

Eddie is the one with his mouth wide open-I guess he is winning.

I have received messages of support for this blog and I even have a couple of people who want to read the book I am writing about my father.  This has become much more than a one woman project and helps keep a smile on my face.  But you know there are always things that just do not want to work out, at first.

At one point in 1922, Eddie made his first foray into the movie business, in Washington, D.C.  Over the past few years, I have not been able to find  anything more than a couple of two line articles about this business.   Very frustrating.  But today I found a listing  where I never before thought to look:

10th Annual Edition, 1922-23


Professional, Clerical, Skilled and Business



With Washington, Wilmington and Annapolis Annex


Sold at AFRO-AMERICAN OFFICE. Eutaw St. and Druid Hill Avenue
and R. W. COLEMAN. Publisher. 418 Federal St., Baltimore. Maryland




Capitalization $200,000 Stock $1.25 per share.

Edward Green, President.
Anything that you want to know about Moving Pictures, Write us.

Eddie’s business is the first listing on the page.  Not only do I now have the verification, I also have the address and money info.  I am sure more will be revealed, which can go into my second rough draft of the book.

So, everything is cool and life is good.  Thanks, for stopping by.


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