Searching, Searching, Searching…

bumbed out 2yes

I’ve been a little bumbed (?) out lately because I am having difficulty finding my father’s relatives.  Possible due to the years in which these folks lived.  Eddie was born in 1891.  I was able to send away for his Social Security Card Application from 1937 and both his father’s name and his mother’s maiden name were on the application, but I have searched and searched and I cannot find either one of them.  Married or single.  My father’s birth certificate no longer exists according to the Maryland Vital Records and aunt’s and uncles are long gone.  I have found one article that says Eddie was moving his mother into “Gotham” in 1925, and one article in which Eddie himself says he was related to a Bishop James A. Handy, who was a big deal in the AME church but died in 1911.  Eddie was a star of stage, screen and radio and that is basically how I get my information about his life.  I know that he was not a happy child and left home at about nine year of age, so I guess once he got out he never looked back.  I forget, no, I don’t want to remember that government record-keeping for Black folks in the late 1800’s was not like it is today.

family tree

The Family Tree.  I want to trace my roots.  As I sit here it dawns on me that not only can I not find Eddie’s family, I’m having trouble finding information on mom’s family.  Especially her father who was Italian and whose parents were born in Italy.  My mom’s father’s name was Guiseppe Amato and he was born in New York.  There were a million Guiseppe Amatos in New York in 1896.  He changed his name to Joe and lived in Los Angeles until the 1950s, but I have not found any paper trails.  I know he was a barber.  I haven’t given up, though it takes away from my writing time.

Below I will introduce you to my immediate family, I have one of two of their pictures up in other posts, so forgive the redundancy.  I just love my family so much and they are truly supportive of my effort to document and publish the story of my father’s life:

my daughter,my grandson,me


my sister
my sister
my brother
my brother


my brother


My grandson Edward (I thought Melony named him after my father, but I was wrong), my daughter Melony and me.  My sister Donna, my brother Brian and my brother Brad, no, he’s not a Laker, just a serious fan.  Welcome to the family.

Until next time.



2 thoughts on “Searching, Searching, Searching…

  1. Hey Elva,
    Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. My sister does a lot tracing family roots and she started with – but I imagine you’ve probably tried the same type of sites. But I was wondering, wouldn’t the city hall that issued your parents’ marriage license have some information? Perhaps even a copy of his birth certificate? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but gee gal, I’d like to help you out somehow.

    Anyway, if I hear of any unique ways to track things down, I’ll let you know.

    🙂 Annie


    1. Thanx, you are so kind, I need all the help I can get. I actually have a reply from Baltimore Vital Records telling me that Eddie’s birth certificate “no longer exists”. When I asked what that meant, they said could have been a fire or file is lost. My mom says they married in Yuma, I cannot find anything online-I will have to send money and ask for a search, newspaper says went to Vegas! Nothing on line there either. I haven’t given up!


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