A Journey of Awareness and Motivation

Great-grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandson.

my father & mother 1945
my father & mother 1945
my grandson
my grandson

Ok, here are pictures of my father, Eddie Green, my mom, Norma and my grandson, Edward.  When my grandson was born he was named Edward, not because he was Eddie’s great-grandson, but because it was simply the name his mother chose.  Until 2014 I thought my father’s natal name was Eddie, in my research I came across information verifying my father’s birth name was Edward.   I was ecstatic.  Another discovery!  Which totally aligns with the fact that Eddie copyrighted his first song under the name Edward Green in 1917.  Another fun fact for me has been that my grandson, Edward has chosen to have people call him Eddie.  Just like his great-grandfather.  Plus, they look so much alike, don’t you agree?

My idea of writing a biography about my father came from the fact that when my grandson, Edward, was little, he used to use the phrase “I can’t” a lot.  So, I decided to put together what I knew about my father, who rose from poverty to prominence, and put it in book form.  My purpose for doing a biography of my father, was to give my grandson an example, from within his own family, of what a person can accomplish. I figured  if I show him what his own great-grandfather was able to accomplish as a black man, beginning in the early 1900’s until 1950, that it would provide him some motivation and inspire him to believe in himself and his own abilities.

I had no idea 15 years ago when I came up with this book idea, that the information I had about my father would lead me to finding so much more, and that I would still be discovering, to this day,  new articles and more pictures featuring my father, such as this one on the set of the radio program, “Duffy’s Tavern”, in which my father played “Eddie, the Waiter”  from 1941-1950.

Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Sandra_Gould_Eddie_Green_Charles_Carton_Ed__copy (1)

Life happens.  It interrupts the flow of our endeavors.  Edward, my grandson, is an adult now, and my book has just gotten started.  But it’s OK, because Edward has been able to follow along with me on this journey of awareness.  We are both learning about accomplishing our goals and what it takes to do so.  I have to say here, that I am truly proud of my grandson, he has grown into a good listener and has kept himself on the right track.  As for myself,  I have accomplished a new skill in starting a blog, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but here I am!  I am learning that in regard to my own endeavors, “Can’t Is Not In My Vocabulary.”  Stay tuned!




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