Be Inspired By Those Who Have Gone Before You

My mom

I had the television on the other day and I heard the phrase “those who have gone before us”.  I only caught a glimpse of what was on the screen, but I think they were showing photos of people who had overcome some adversity.  When starting this blog, I had considered using this phrase as the title of my blog because I want to write about the people older than us, from whom we have acquired a bit of knowledge which helped us get through life, people who have inspired us.

I was inspired by my mom.

My mother was 86 when she died and I know that during her lifetime she endured some trials and tribulations.  In 1959, she came so close to dying at age 36, our neighborhood minister was called in to pray with her.  She received 60 pints of blood from the sailors in Long Beach, got better and came home weighing 86 pounds.  Life went on, she had a husband (the second), five kids, a household to run and she held a series of jobs.  Unfortunately, she also had a complicated personal life which caused turmoil, but she always persevered.  She married a third time in 1966 and for 40+ years was on a roller coaster ride.  In 1998 mom lost a son.  In 1997 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In 2007 she was planning a birthday bash for me but she wound up in an emergency room with an embolism and from there she went into a hospice, the local Catholic priest came this time.  She surprised everyone when she got better and left the hospice.  She went back to hospice a couple of years later.  She had cancer, but unless you were family or her doctor, you would never have guessed. I never heard my mother complain to anyone about how rough life was.

One day it dawned on me just how strong my mother had been through her life and what an inspiration she was to me.  I shared that thought with her, and I am glad I did because her smile was like a ‘thank you’ for sharing that with her.

Mom lived life as it was and rolled with the punches, and then she got up and went to look at Jeopardy, her favorite television program.

Take a look around at those who came before you and see if you can recognize how they have been an inspiration in your life.  And then, show your respect.


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