Almost a Fiasco

I know that it is not a good idea to prepare for an event at the last minute, however, a low cash flow can sometimes affect preparations.  I needed business cards to hand out at the Old Time Radio (OTR) writer’s convention.  When I was able to get the cards two days before the event, things went slightly awry.

According to internet ads I could pop into a store, choose a design and have the store print my cards that day. According to the store manager, the internet had it all wrong.  The manager told me he could design the cards for me but it would cost more money than advertised and take longer, like a week.  I was crushed.  I left the store, sobbing, and called my daughter who calmed me down.  I then called in a complaint and went back into the store to try a different tact.

Back inside the store, the manager offered to design a card for me himself because he saw that I was upset, and he would only charge me for the card stock.

Two days later, at the convention, each person who asked received my card announcing me as a writer.


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