An Update and a little Background

Yesterday, November 14, I attended my first writer’s convention of Old Time Radio (OTR) fans.  Basically, I went because a writer friend was putting on a presentation that included information on my father, Eddie Green.  My friend surprised me by introducing me and suggesting that people get my card (I will have another post on how I almost did not have any cards) in case they could help me with my research for the book I am writing about my father. After the presentation, I was invited to participate in a future interview on an internet radio program!  Talk about being blown away (of course I didn’t show it).  It was just the boost I needed.

My father, Eddie Green, was the man who coined the term and wrote the song “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” in 1917.  He was 21 years old (supposedly).  He had come from an extremely poor background in Baltimore where he was born in 1896 or 1891 depending on which documents I have uncovered.  Though he became a well-known entertainer and entrepreneur from the east to the west coast, he has since faded into obscurity.  Some people do, however, remember Eddie from his ten year career as “Eddie, the Waiter” on the “Duffy’s Tavern” radio program from which he retired due to ill health in 1950.  The book about my father is to, hopefully, inspire others to the pursuit of achievement despite obstacles.

My Father:329


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