The Book: Eddie Green The Rise of an Early 1900s Black American Entertainment Pioneer

Testimonial of Mr. Delahoyde:

In spite of my interest in old-time radio, and being a somewhat active collector of all things related, I wasn’t aware of Eddie Green. And certainly not his involvement in other media. That changed when I had the opportunity to proofread just a bit of the book before publication. Now that I’ve read it from cover-to-cover, I can honestly say that, in my opinion, his daughter has paid her father a magnificent tribute, and has given us all the chance to spend some really enjoyable time meeting and getting to know Eddie. It amazes me that it took so long for me to “discover” him. I’d definitely recommend reading the book, whether it’s because of a specific interest, or just for pleasure. Either way, I think you’ll be more than happy having spent some time with such a great and talented entertainer.

My Reply:

Thank you so much, Stan. I absolutely enjoyed meeting you through this process and I’m glad you enjoyed my book. I’ll always remember “standella”.





Stan Delahoyde’s Customer Review