HApee New Year!


2015 has been a good year for me.  I have written a book, my first ever. In the process of writing this book, I have increased my knowledge of show business, of people and of life in general. In order to write, I have had to read. Through careful reading, I have found helpful information that I would not have found otherwise.

I have met wonderful people who have provided me with great information, and hooked me up with other wonderful people, from the US to the UK. I have even met the family of a woman who was in one of my father’s (Eddie Green) movies from 1939.

I have enjoyed every minute of this experience, well, maybe not every minute, proofing my own work proved to be tiresome, after all, there is spellcheck, and one has to concentrate when proofreading, you can’t just skim through your manuscript. Anyhow, I do love it. I recommend biographical writing as a good way to learn history.

I have acquired a following. Haha, who would have thunk it! My brother told me it would happen. Keeps a smile on my face.

When I began this blog, I searched a certain site for images of my father and I could not find one picture.  Now, I think there are three pictures of Eddie on the site and one of ME.

January will be the beginning of the proofing and editing of my book.

May you all have a glorious new year’s eve and a happy, prosperous 2016.




4 thoughts on “HApee New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, Elva. And you go girl, congrats on completing the book. That is really awesome and no easy feat. I know, I know, the editing and revisions are yet to come – but be proud of what you’ve accomplished. So many wish they could write a book and relatively few actually write them and finish them.

    And just think, because of you, more people will know about your dad, and his many contributions to the world of film, comedy and art. That’s really incredible when you think of it.

    Here’s wishing you the best new year ever.


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    1. Thank you so much, and you are right. In the past 2 weeks I have been in contact with 1 film historian, and one cinematographer whose grandfather worked with Eddie in 1939. and I just been given a suggestion to participate in a presentation in New York in July. This really is incredible. Thanks so much for your support.


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