_69685453_obama_signing_afpHey!!! Today is left-handers day!

BABE_RUTHRemember Babe Ruth?  Left-handed.

I am left-handed.  When I was still in elementary school learning how to write, we had to have a writing pad to practice with.

images (2)

These pads were set up for right-handed people, because one was supposed to “slant” ones letters to the right.  And my mom was determined that when I wrote, first, I would not right with my left hand all twisted around (bad enough I was left-handed), and second, I would make those letters slant the right way.  My mother was right-handed and had beautiful hand-writing.  I still don’t think my writing slants correctly, but I do not write with my left hand curved around in a circle.  Only because I got hollered at if I did.  Anyhoo, my mom was just doing what she thought best, and I do not have a problem being left-handed.  Except when I have to sign one of those machines at the pharmacy after I slide my card-they are only made to turn to the left to make it easy for right-handed people to sign.

The other day I went to lunch with my daughter, Melony and my grandson, Edward, because Edward is moving to Nevada.  We had a ball.   As you can see, Edward is right-handed so I couldn’t sit too close to him as our elbows would crash together,  My original idea for writing a book about my father, Eddie Green, came to me when Edward was about six years old.  You can see how long he has been waiting for me to write this book.


Of course, today, in regard to writing my book, I don’t actually write anything.images (3)

It has all been done on my trusty laptop.  And I think I am happy to say that I hope to be ready to hand over my manuscript for outside editing by the end of the month.  I think I am happy because I feel slightly queasy.  Although, this endeavor has never been about fame and fortune, only a way to share with Edward and others, that a person can achieve their goals against all odds.  Eddie did.

importfromphonejuly 132

More to come.  Thanks for stopping by.


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