The Day After


Hi Folks.  In an earlier post titled “On The Radio” I wrote a little blurb about the fact that I had been invited to be interviewed on an old time radio program.  Well, it’s the day after and I am still enjoying the experience of being interviewed via the internet.  I have had a smile on my face from the moment I opened my eyes this morning.

I decided to visit a blogging site after I woke up and, just by chance, I found a post written by a young lady who has recently garnered some acclaim in her writing career, and though she was truly happy and excited when she got the news, her euphoria was short-lived, and the next day she said something like, “I did the thing, though”.  This reminded me of what my daughter said to our friends last night about my radio appearance, which was, “my mom did the d*** thing.”  Now, my understanding of this term is that it is basically slang for “wow! she did it”, or something to that effect, and it touched me to read those words from Melony, because yea,I did do it.   I did it with the help, also, of three gentlemen, Larry, John and Walden who gave me the chance to appear as a guest on their show to discuss my father, Eddie Green, and why I have chosen to write a book about his life and how he rose above poverty despite the odds.

Now, it is the day after and I still feel happy, but, and here is where that afore-mentioned young lady comes in, there has been a moment here and there when the thought has gone through my mind that, there is nothing else happening now, it’s the next day and everything is back to normal.  Don’t get me wrong, the boost I got from being given the opportunity to share my endeavors over the airwaves is phenomenal, there is just a tiny part of me, evidently, that needs continual boosting and I guess the best way for me to do that is to continue doing the d*** thing!

As a newbie to this blogging process, I am not sure about the rules of etiquette so I am not mentioning last names-I want to thank Larry, John and Walden for having me on their program and Martin for introducing us.


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