Hi there.  Cutting and pasting is extremely easy.  I should try it more often.  The above is a recording of a song my father, Eddie Green, wrote in 1924.  This song’s copyright was renewed by Eddie just before he died in 1950, and is still in copyright.  Soon, I hope to have the moola to get copies of the paperwork in regard to this song, and a few others.  I  have only learned of these songs in the past five years and I did not realize the Copyright Office wanted so much money to do a search for materials and file new documents!  Anyhoo, I get a kick out of listening to this song.  I haven’t found much information on the lady singing with Eddie, Billie Wilson, but I think this is the only Paramount Recording she did.

I wanted to start this post with something that gives me pleasure, because lately I have begun to feel so confused in regard to the writing I am doing, meaning this blog and my book.  I forget what I wrote where and when.  I have found that in writing these posts, I have gone back and forth, from 1949 to 1917 to 1923 and then to 1945, when, of course, my book, as a biography, is chronological, and this all gets mushed up in my head.

This has been a real learning process for me.  Today, I sat down and tried to put my thoughts and words into some kind of order.

The blog is supposed to relate the progress of my book.  To share portions of the book and any other stories I find inspiring or funny, and to, hopefully, enourage others to research their own family members.

The book is about Eddie, from birth in 1891 to death in 1950.  As of today, I have begun Chapter V – Takes Broadway By Storm.  I will include an article from the Brooklyn Eagle dated July 18, 1929 that begins with this sentence:  “The Whole Town Is Talking About Eddie Green.”  I will also include an article which was written by Eddie in 1949 about this period of 1929 and which I first posted in my second post “Screaming Sirens Can Be Inspiring”.

My chapter titles have changed and I have discovered new information that has had to be inserted into earlier chapters, such as the discovery of  a fourth wife.  I will be blogging about Eddie’s wives.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and I hope you get as much of a kick out of “I’m Sorry For It Now” as I do.


3 thoughts on “To Coin a Phrase-PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION

  1. Always my pleasure Elva, I’ve greatly enjoyed your father’s “old time radio” work for many years and am honoured to be able to help you in any small way I can. I also am enjoying your blog & look forward to reading your book!

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