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king tut papers

One of the things I did not count on when I decided to research my father’s life, was the amount of paperwork I would have to browse through to verify my writing.  I started out at the central library in downtown Los Angeles.  I had to search the Catalogue of Copyright Entries and I had no idea how to read these catalogues.  But I learned.  Eventually, I learned to peruse these catalogues on-line, but since I only had a cell phone at the time, it was slow going.  I ended up at the local family history library where I was able to print whatever information I found on Eddie Green.  Which brings me to this document regarding the song “King Tut Blues” written by my father.

This is a copy of the catalogue entry for my father’s song, “King Tut Blues”, (listed at the top of the third column) written back in 1923, showing Eddie as the Author of words and music and showing also that he renewed this song in 1950, about six months before he died.  I was able to locate this last piece of information with the help of one of the readers of my blog posts, which just goes to show that we can and do participate in each other’s progress through our posts.  Which is something else I never expected when I was stressing over whether I could even maintain a blog.  Even if my book flops, this experience will totally be worth the time and effort.

Eddie was about 22 when he wrote this song in 1923.  My mother, Eddie’s third wife, was born November 17, 1923.  Her parents at the time lived in Los Angeles, California on Jefferson Street.  They lived very close to the Triple A Automobile Club which was located on Adams Boulevard and Figueroa Street and is still there today.  As a matter of fact, after living all over Los Angeles County, my mom died while living back on Adams Boulevard about 5 minutes from the Automobile Club.


My mom’s mother, Sinclaire White-Murdock was, in 1923, the President of The Music Arts Association,  which held regular weekly meetings at the Sojourner Truth Home, in Los Angeles.   Sinclaire was a violinist, so I guess it was bound to happen that when Eddie got to Los Angeles years later, he and Sinclaire would meet through musical venues.  But that wouldn’t happen for another 20 years.

I encourage you, out there, to consider researching someone in your family, it really is extremely satisfying.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Hello, hello Ms Elva Green 🙂 I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award, I hope that’s okay with you. I am working on a post with the details which should be up on my blog in a while 🙂 Yay!


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