These Crickets Are Driving Me Crazy!


HA! I am thanking my lucky stars that someone posted the above quote.  I was having a hell of a time thinking of a post.  I don’t know if it is the cold or the crickets, but I just can’t seem to think.  And I need to post, otherwise I am subject to just giving up.  If I do not post on a continuous basis, I will eventually convince myself that this blogging thing is not working, because look how long it’s been and where is my traffic?  No traffic must mean I am failing!  It’s probably just the crickets, though.  They have crawled into my landlady’s wall and are driving me crazy!  I have a catastrophic brain and the crickets and the cold weather are not helping.  Cold weather stops my flow, it seems.  I mean, it’s not snowing or anything harsh like that, I am just a warm weather person who needs to turn on her heater, for Heaven’s sake.

I have had amazing experiences these past few weeks, my first writer’s convention and appearing on a radio program, but I seemed, today, to have tried to take myself into a place that does not exist at present, a place of failure.   Then, while surfing the web, I saw the above quote and I thought HA! That’s it.  I remembered that I started this blog to have a presence in the writing community, not to attract heavy traffic.  Well, I have a presence, and by living and pursuing a goal today, I may encounter failure but it will certainly not occur by default.

I feel warmer now, thanks to my little heater and some socks, and maybe those crickets will take pity on me and go to sleep or hop away.  Toodles.


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