A Sense Of Purpose

Seen on the internet:
“This evening, I was reading Donald Miller’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and came across this passage:

“It’s true that while ambition creates fear, it also creates the story. But it’s a good trade, because as soon as you point toward a horizon, life no longer feels meaningless. And suddenly there is risk in your story and a question about whether you’ll make it. You have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”

It reminded me that learning how to blog is learning how to tell a good story. And in the process of working thru the fear, we find meaning for our words that gives us a sense of purpose.”—Steve Hawkins.

The above post by Steve Hawkins spoke to me as a person new to blogging, because fear absolutely allowed me to procrastinate in this blogging endeavor.  I probably spent two months just researching platforms, search engines, best names for my site, until I became aware of the fact that I needed to start the process of writing or stop fooling myself and relax.   My desire to write a book, and to be able to blog about it while doing so, overcame my fear.  I have pointed toward a horizon.  It is similar to what I felt when I got my first “real” job in 1968.  That first morning I woke up, threw off my covers and jumped (yep) out of bed.  I had a reason to get out of bed.

Today, by sharing stories and thoughts of inspiration, I feel a sense of purpose.  When I wake up I want to get out of bed (no jumping though!), I look forward to my day because I can see the goal, and I am working towards that goal.  There are a lot of posts on-line from people who overcame their fear.  I am in good company.  Thank you for allowing me to share your post, Steve Hawkins.


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