Hard Work and Perseverance Equals Cash Money

little appollo

Hello!  In my head today, it is 1925, and my father, Eddie Green, who is now 33 years old, is working at Minsky’s.  Minsky’s Burlesque is a theater run by the Minsky brothers, Abraham Minsky (Abe), Michael Minsky (Billy), Herbert Minsky and Morton Minsky.  Eddie, at the time was what one article called, Billy’s right hand man.  I have not actually verified that but I came across an article from the Baltimore Afro-American newspaper that had high praise for Eddie’s role with Minsky, at what was then called the “Little Apollo” on 125th Street in New York.

Eddie has by now, written a few songs, he has gotten married and started a family and signed up for the WWI draft. He’s become a music producer and has even spent some time in Washington, D.C. in 1922, starting up a movie production company, Deanwood Productions.  He has  played a few vaudeville shows all across the country, Eddie is beginning to make a name for himself.


Which, I imagine, is why, a few months after the famous Minsky raid (due to a young performer ending her act bare-chested with her arms over her head), an article appeared giving Eddie kudos.  I can’t print the Baltimore  Afro-American article, but I can share a portion:  “Eddie Green, East Baltimore Boy Is Now Making Good” is the headline. “Eddie Green Makes Stock Record, Finishes 45 Weeks Engagement with White Company in New York.”      ” Will Stage 5 Burlesque Shows.”  “Former Member of Daly’s Is Now In Forefront of Profession.”

The article goes on to mention Eddie’s recording contract with Paramount, and his dancing studio on 46th Street.  It says that Eddie had been re-engaged with a considerable increase in salary, and that those fat salaried contracts should keep him quite busy.


The opinion is that “Green’s success is another feather in the hat of East Baltimore”, probably referring to other celebrities who were East Baltimoreans.


Oh yea, I may have written this before but the article also says  Eddie’s success is a good example of work and perseverance.

Perseverance.  Works for me.

Come back again, won’t you?